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The Rosevale tenement (EL7097) is located approximately 10km north of the town of Nymagee. The region is considered to be prospective for Cobar-style precious-base metal deposits in favourable structural and stratigraphic settings.

One such favourable structural setting is the fault prism shown in Figure 1. This attractive structural setting is bounded to the northeast by a splay of the Coonara (Gilmore) Fault (shown as a series of dotted dark blue lines), and to the southwest by the Rookery Fault system (shown as dashed dark blue lines).  A number of splays off the Rookery Fault transect the prism (also shown as dashed dark blue lines).

There are a number of old workings and prospects at Rosevale which occupy positions on or adjacent to the interpreted fault splays.  These include McLaughlins Tank (Cu, Pb), Prospect 19 (Au), Box Tank Workings (Cu, Pb), and The Gap Prospect (U) which is on the contact between the Silurian Nymagee Igneous Complex [Sgn] and Ordovician basement (Girilambone Group [Oyg]), and Diddler reefs (Au) which lies on an adjoining tenement.

Figure 1. EL7097 Rosevale geology

Figure 2 shows discrete magnetic targets and magnetic palaeochannels displayed on a reduced-to-the-pole aeromagnetic image. Of interest is an intense, discrete magnetic low at the Roswell prospect which may be due to a body of reversely polarised pyrrhotite (-base metals-gold) mineralisation (Figure 2).

Figure 2. EL7097 Discrete Magnetic Targets (red diamonds); Magnetic palaeochannels (black dashed lines) on RTP aeromagnetic image.


September 2012