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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement


Golden Cross Resources Limited (GCR or Company) and the entities it controls believe corporate governance is a critical pillar on which business success, and in turn shareholder value is built.

The Board of Directors (Board) has adopted a suite of corporate governance charters and policies, commensurate with the Company’s needs, which articulate the practices and procedures followed by GCR.

These charters and policies are available in the Corporate Governance section of the Company’s website

This Corporate Governance Statement (Statement) reports GCR’s compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s “Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 4th Edition” (ASX Principles and Recommendations) in relation to the financial year ended 30 June 2021.

In addition to the ASX Principles and Recommendations, the Board has taken into account a number of important factors in determining its corporate governance practices and procedures, including the:

  • size and scale of the Company;
  • relatively simple operations of the Company, which currently only undertakes mineral exploration and development activities;
  • cost verses benefits of additional corporate governance requirements or processes;
  • size of the Board;
  • Board’s experience in the resources sector;
  • organisational reporting structure and number of reporting functions, operational divisions and employees;
  • relatively simple financial affairs with limited complexity and quantum; and
  • direct shareholder feedback.
Corporate Governance
Audit Committee Charter
22 KB
Auditor Appointment Policy
7 KB
Board Charter
13 KB
Board Nomination Policy
7 KB
Code of Ethics
14 KB
Communications Policy
25 KB
Continuous Disclosure Policy
29 KB
Environmental Policy
23 KB
Remuneration Committee Charter
18 KB
Risk Management Policy
12 KB
Safety and Health Policy
22 KB
Securities Transaction Rules
31 KB
Workplace Policies
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