Copper Hill Drilling Update and Burra Copper Mine Drilling Assays

Copper Hill Drilling Update and Burra Copper Mine Drilling Assays

  • Copper Hill: GCHD469, the first hole in GCR’s current 5000 metre core drilling program, was completed yesterday at 894 metres. This is the deepest hole yet drilled at Copper Hill. Assays are awaited.
  • Burra: Assays for the oxidised zone from Burra core drilling returned. 

Copper Hill Project:
GCHD469 is the first hole in a planned 5000 metre core drilling program underway at Copper Hill. The hole was completed at 894 metres and alteration and indications of copper mineralisation continued almost to end-of-hole.

This hole is targeting mineralisation beneath Buckley’s Hill, north of Copper Hill. It is the deepest hole ever drilled into the deposit and will provide information on the nature of the Copper Hill intrusions at depth. The hole has been marked by extensive zones of brecciation containing mineralised clasts of porphyritic rocks swept up from a major intrusion beneath the current hole. Abundant anhydrite veining and base metal-carbonate veining with abundant pyrite and some finely disseminated chalcopyrite has been reported by the on-site geologists.

Assays from the country rock up-hole from the target zone have been returned giving background values with occasional anomalous intervals (0.1% to 0.2% copper). ‘Target Zone’ core samples from 500 metres to 800 metres are at the ALS laboratory in Orange and results will be reported, on receipt, in the coming weeks.

The rig will now move to central Copper Hill to drill GCHD470.

Burra Copper Prospect:
Assay results from the third hole (GCB177) in the Burra program, drilled beneath the old Block 51 mine in May returned an interval of 18 metres (from 20 metres to 38 metres) carrying 0.52% copper, including 8 metres at 0.78% copper.

The remaining core (primary zone) from the hole has been returned to GCR’s facility at Coppervale prior to cutting and assaying but is of lower priority than the core being drilled, cut and prepared for assay currently at Copper Hill.

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