GCR Launches a Major Helitem Survey near Gilgunnia

Golden Cross Resources Ltd (ASX code: GCR) has retained Fugro Airborne Surveys to complete a 300-line kilometre helicopter-borne Time Domain Electromagnetic and Magnetic Survey over selected areas within its Rast Group of tenements near Gilgunnia, central NSW.
Airborne EM has worked well for GCR elsewhere in the region with the definition of the recently reported drill target beneath GCR’s Burra Copper Mine workings, to the north, near Canbelego. The technique has also worked well for other explorers in the region with credit being given to airborne EM, notably for the recent Mallee Bull base metal discovery.

Announcements regarding other nearby deposits such as Hera, the newly discovered extensions to the Nymagee Copper Mine, new mineralised zones at Mineral Hill and the plans to re-open the Mount Boppy Gold mine have generated considerable interest in this region. GCR has a dominant land position here in its own right and with its joint venture partner, Minmetals Resources Limited (MMG) in the Gilgunnia Range joint venture. Fugro will also be flying HELITEM for MMG over the Gilgunnia Range joint venture areas.

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