GCR calls for Tenders to Manage Queensland Coal Exploration Program

Golden Cross Resources (GCR) has a number of granted coal Exploration Permits and Applications (EPC’s and EPCA’s) covering over 1000 square kilometres stretching from Warwick to Pentland in the Clarence-Moreton, Surat and Galilee Basins. Locations are set out in Figures 1 and 2 below.
Following data reviews and field trips, GCR has sought expressions of interest from geological consultants interested in designing and managing drilling programs to test all GCR’s granted EPC’s.

GCR holds one granted permit and five applications in the Clarence-Moreton Basin of Queensland targeting the Walloon Coal Measures. These include the granted EPC’s 1643 Warwick and 2242 Boonah East with competitive applications EPCA1656 Warwick Extended, EPCA2068 Warwick North, EPCA2257 Boonah North, and applications EPCA2082 Boonah and EPCA2258 Roadvale.

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