News advertorial segments broadcast on 2GB

NewsDesk Release – 21st February 2011
Attached for your information are audio files of news advertorial segments.
The first advertorial appeared on Ross Greenwood’s 2GB Money News program on Friday 18th February. Average audience size of Greenwood’s show is around 300,000, and listeners have a strong leaning towards ASX investments and also a good overall knowledge of financial matters.

The second attached file was broadcast on the Alan Jones program on Monday 21st February, which is probably the most important breakfast radio show in Australia with an audience in excess of 500,000.

The segments, which were produced by Bulletin Radio, reinforced the important facts that were announced by Golden Cross during the past week, and of course, we hope this media initiative will help attract new investors and build shareholder value.

Ross Greenwood Money News (18/2/11) – MP3 file
Alan Jones Breakfast Show (21/2/11) – MP3 file

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