Copper-Gold Concentrate Preferred Option

Copper Hill – Production of a Copper-Gold Sulphide
Concentrate for Direct Sale is now the Preferred Option

  • Earlier Start-up
  • Lower capital costs
  • China-sourced equipment and technology
  • Faster track to Production and Cash Flow

A management team from GCR has just returned from China where meetings were held with consultants CACS and NERIN to discuss progress on the feasibility study. In addition, visits were made to several major ore processing equipment manufacturers followed by tours of mines and a smelter where this equipment was installed and operating. The team was encouraged by the demonstrable quality and reliability of the equipment.
Introductory meetings were also held with several Chinese banks. We were advised that Chinese bank policy is to encourage financing of bankable projects using processing equipment imported from China.
NERIN has completed a comprehensive assessment of capital cost items for the Copper Hill project.

The cost savings realised by sourcing much of the crushing-grinding-flotation-filter equipment from China will be 30% to 40% lower than earlier estimates.

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